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All garments are personally customed and handmade

Lucky Bird Silk | Baby Sketch Onesie Spring

$223.00 USD

Fabric: Genuine Silk Brocade Satin
Decoration Accessories: Delicated Embroidery Featuring Lucky Bird

SIZE: Custom Your TUTUSize Guide

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0-3 Months
3-6 Months
6-12 Months
12-18 Months
18-24 Months

COMPLETE THE LOOK: Bowette Headband

Bowette Headband
Bowette Hair Clip
Bowette Scrunchy

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The Baby Sketch Onesie is now presented in a one-piece design, perfect for spring attire. Crafted from luxurious Silk Brocade Satin, it ensures warmth and comfort during the cooler days of the season. Embellished with a pink magpie embroidery, symbolizing good luck, it offers a versatile and stylish wearing experience tailored for spring or autumn.

This onesie for babies is enhanced by a matching hair accessory, elevating the entire custom ensemble to a higher level of sophistication and refinement.

Suzhou Song Brocade

Suzhou Song Brocade, is a traditional Chinese silk fabric renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and intricate patterns.

Originating from Suzhou, a city famous for its silk production, Song Brocade has a long history dating back to the Song Dynasty (960–1279 AD). It is characterized by its luxurious texture, fine weave, and vibrant colors, often featuring elaborate designs inspired by nature, mythology, and traditional Chinese motifs such as flowers, birds, and dragons.

Suzhou Song Brocade is highly regarded for its cultural significance, representing the pinnacle of Chinese textile artistry and craftsmanship. It continues to be cherished for its beauty and elegance, making it a prized material for clothing, furnishings, and decorative items.

Genuine Silk Fabric

Our garments are meticulously crafted from genuine silk fabric, harnessing the exceptional qualities of this luxurious material.

Renowned for its unparalleled softness, silk offers a sumptuously smooth texture that caresses the skin with every touch. This natural fiber boasts remarkable breathability, allowing air to circulate freely and providing a cool and comfortable wearing experience, particularly in warmer climates.

Moreover, silk possesses excellent moisture-wicking properties, efficiently absorbing perspiration and keeping the body dry and refreshed throughout the day.

Handmade Guaranteed

With detailed beading work at the core of our designs, each style is hand-crafted by our highly skilled, gifted & dedicated team of world-class artisans, using age-old traditional techniques. Each piece is unique, and slight variations in embellishments may occur, which is what makes our product special and individual to each customer.



Never Not Innovating

We’ve been researching, developing and innovating our design since 2014. We’ve set the standard for the softest fabric, the most user-friendly zipper design, the most durable stitching, and the safest, most comfortable design on the market—and we’re not stopping there.

We’ve expanded our sleep bags to include four sizes in three different weights, three sizes of sleep bag walkers, and a newborn sleep bag—the first of its kind in the market. Because we believe as long as the needs for safe and comfortable sleep keep changing, our products should, too.