Care Instruction

What We Value

The beauty of a Tutu & Wing
piece is that it can be worn for
years and years and handed
down or given away when the
time comes. We believe that
gentle wear and tear only adds
to the beauty of a Tutu & Wing
garment, with soft fraying, a
missing bead here or there,
and light stretching resulting
in the strikingly whimsical
silhouette of a truly loved

Hand Craft

With detailed beading work
at the core of our designs,
each style is hand-crafted
by our highly skilled, gifted
& dedicated team of
world-class artisans, using
age-old traditional techniques.
Each piece is unique, and
slight variations in
embellishments may occur,
which is what makes our
product special and
individual to each customer.


Straight out of the box, we suggest hanging the garment in its own space to help any creases or wrinkles fall out of the fabric.
To get the best out of your Tutu & Wing, fluff up the skirt layer by layer and give it a good shake to ensure maximum volume.
Between wears, we recommend spot-cleaning any marks on the tulle, or a very gentle cold hand wash if absolutely necessary.
All of our garments can be steamed, though we recommend a moderate temperature and a safe distance of about 6 inches (15cm) between the garment and the steamer.